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Wind Chime Arabesque 32” 6 Tube

Wind Chime Arabesque 32” 6 Tube

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The high-quality sound and design of our Arabesque® chimes is available in this small size to get wonderful music without breaking your budget. The smallest size available in this line, it will enhance your yard or balcony without cramping your space!

Overall Length (Inches): 32"
Number of Tubes: 6
Hand-Tuned to Scale: A
Display Dimensions (Inches): 32"L x 7"H x 7"W
Diameter of Tubes (Inches): 7/8"
Length of Longest Tube (Inches): 15"
Notes in Chime: A B C# E F# A
Shipping Dimensions (Inches): 18"L x 8"H x 3"W
Weight: 3.0 lb
Brand: Arabesque® by Wind River