Wooden Crosses = Blessings

Wooden Crosses = Blessings

Have you recently purchased a piece of furniture from Fourth and Main and found a tiny wooden cross inside? If so, this was not by accident. The wooden cross was placed there in the hope that it would bring a blessing to your home. 

Several years ago while vacationing in Gatlinburg, TN, Eric and I found a charming wood shop in the Arts and Crafts Community in the Mountains. Inside there were many delightful wood signs, shapes, bowls, etc. They also had zip lock bags full of tiny wooden crosses. We purchased several with ideas filling our heads of ways we could use them at Fourth and Main.

Once back to work we toyed with the idea of simply placing them in a bowl on the counter as a complimentary token to our customers. However, God had different plans. He planted the seed, a wonderful idea! We began to quietly place one cross in each piece of furniture. Not a publicized act, not something to point out to every customer., not something to boast about. Instead, a quiet token that would maybe be found once our customer brought the furniture home. 

This act has now been going on for some time. Most people that visit the store never notice the tiny crosses. However, there have been a few times it has been noticed and brought with it great conversation and the chance to spread blessings. We wonder how many customers have found them once they got home.

A side note, the one zip lock bag we bought was quickly empty. We had to call the shop to order several more bags. Now the tiny crosses have become a tradition during the stocking of the showroom. One that John Colton, our grandson, certainly enjoys. He loves to place the wooden crosses inside for our customers to find. What a wonderful tradition.

We would love to hear from you if you have found one of the crosses. We pray it brought your home blessings. After all "You Deserve A Home You Love"