Porch Blessings

"We want our blessings in our pocket,
We keep our missions overseas,
But for the hurting in our cities,
Would we even cross the street?
It's got to start right here,
It's got to start right now!"
Start Right Here by Casting Crowns

Would we even cross the street?

In an effort to spread cheer and happiness we offer "Porch Blessings"

Do you know someone that may be sick, depressed, or maybe they just need an extra push to get through this season in life? 

You can now bless them by nominating them for a "Porch Blessing."

Twice a month we will choose one person from the nominations. We will then select some gifts from Fourth and Main on Laurel, gift wrap them, and drop them off on the special person's porch. Free of charge!!!

  1. Nominees must be local to the Conway area within 10-15 miles.
  2. Nominees must have a porch, steps, etc. that is accessible with no locked gates, secured neighborhoods, guard dogs, etc. 

Please fill out and submit your nominee form here.